Bridal Necklace Styles Every Woman Should Know About

Bridal necklaces are deemed to be the center of the complete bridal ensemble, so it is important to seek for the one that complements perfectly with the bridal dress. No matter what type of wedding gown it is, a statement necklace can add all the interests, on the other hand, intricately designed gowns are fully compatible with a simple chain. Here are some bridal necklaces for women and the styles you should know about:

  1. Choker

It is a single strand necklace that perfectly fits around one’s neck. Its length range between 14” to 16” and can be designed from materials like leather, ribbon or from a string of pearls or beads. Its tight fitting emits a round effect and is generally compatible with wedding dresses that have a high round neckline.

  1. Collar

It is similar to choker that fits around the neck, but it has more than one strand which makes it wider than a choker. The perfect instance is a pearl collar which consists of three strands of pearls aligned immaculately on one on the top of the other. This style of necklace makes an elegant statement that is accentuates a long neck. If you add a central ornament to it, it is called as a collarette.

  1. Pendant

It is an ornament like a charm or a gem stone that is subjected from a chain or a cord around the neck. They are usually longer in length than chokers, probably 18”. The perfect instance is a gold cross on a chain or a drop shaped diamond stone hanging from a silver chain which is a famous choice when it comes to choosing a bridal necklace.

  1. Locket

It is similar to pendant, but it showcases a jewelry that opens up to unleash the space for an object or a photograph. Many brides prefer to bear an antique locket to signify ‘something old’ or ‘something borrowed’. Lockets are a perfect way to carry a picture of someone absent with you on your wedding day.

  1. Bib

It is an intricate neckpiece which is perfectly coordinated with a strapless gown. It consists of a draped fringe effect with beads or gemstones string hanging down from the main necklace which is somewhat similar to the choker style. The shape left by the stones resembles a bib. This necklace style can also be referred to as a fringe.