What are VVS Diamonds?

Diamonds come in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. Walk into any jewelers and there will be numerous diamonds on show, at many different price points. Each stone can have different acronyms and names attached to it that describe its appearance. Understanding these can offer insight into the diamond’s quality and price.

Diamonds are graded by the four ‘C’s’: cut, colour, clarity and carat. The cut is about the diamond’s brilliance and fire whereas carat is the diamond’s weight. Clarity is to do with the number of blemishes or inclusions on the surface or within a diamond. VVS diamonds stands for very, very slightly included. In this article, we go over what VVS Diamonds are and why they are so desirable.

GIA grading system

In the modern GIA diamond grading system, VSS diamonds are third highest on the clarity grading scale:

Grade Category
FL Flawless
IF Internally flawless
VVS1 & VVS2 Very, very slightly included
VS1 & VS2 Very slightly included
SI1 & SI2 Slightly included
I1, I2, & I3 Included

A VSS diamond is described as a diamond that has incredibly small inclusions that are difficult for a skilled diamond grader to spot under 10x magnification. VVS1 diamonds represent a slightly higher quality than VVS1. Inclusions on VVS diamonds are impossible to spot with the human eye. VVS2 diamonds are considered of a lower quality because the inclusions are nearer the centre of the stone. Being the third highest on the diamond clarity grading scale, VSS diamonds are some of the most valuable and sought after on the planet.

How is clarity determined?

Clarity of diamonds is always judged under 10x magnification and looks at five different factors about the diamond:

  • Size – the size of the diamond and the relative size of the inclusions and blemishes
  • Number – the number of inclusions or blemishes
  • Location – where the location of the inclusion or blemish is on the diamond
  • Relief – The contrast between the inclusion/blemish and the diamond
  • Nature – the overall nature of inclusions and blemishes and the effect on the appearance of the diamond

Why choose a VSS stone?

Any diamond purchase should be a personal and individual decision. Although one may not notice the difference between stones of a similar grade when viewing with the naked eye, VSS diamonds represent a more perfect, rarer stone. Ultimately, the perfect diamond for you will appear and you will know when you see it.

With a proper understanding of what makes a diamond VSS, and other clarity grades, you should be better placed to make decisions surrounding the purchase of a diamond. VSS diamonds represent a high-quality stone that will appreciate value quicker than its lower quality counterparts.