6 Tricks to Insanely Beautiful Eyebrows

A gorgeous face and eyebrows are the pride of every woman. Although you may have the best-styled hair, you’ll look odd with unkempt eyebrows. Why not spruce them up, and have heads turning to look at you? Well, this has never been easier. There are countless ways to shape your eyebrows and enjoy that perfect look. Still not sure how to go about it? Check out hacks to try out.

  1. Minimize the tweezing! 

Most women can’t keep off tweezing tools! But tweezers are great for clipping those wayward hairs and aren’t the best choices fo shaping your eyebrows. To achieve more shapely eyebrows, the far you stay from the brows, the better. Besides, you’re not shaping, and you only need to grab the hairs that seem out of place. The bottom line- don’t over pluck.

  1.  Your products matter- Choose wisely!

There are multiple eyebrow products in the market. But, there’s no better way to care for your brows than picking the right products. First of all, choose an eyebrow care routine, and think of the desired treatments.

Do you want a more refined look with some color? Then you might need the best brow henna available. Do you want to fill some sparse spots? You may have to acquire more angled brushes? Your brow goals determine your choice of products. Can I tell you more? Go for quality, and don’t shy away from playing around with different products.

  1. Flicking motions do the trick.

Do you want to achieve that striking look? Avoid filling your eyebrows with the conventional single-heavy strike. Instead, use small flicking motions and follow the direction of your brow hair growth. Whether using an angled brush or powder, you can be sure to achieve a more natural and realistic look.

  1. Watch your brow tail.

Your eyebrows have a way of stopping at a perfect spot that compliments your facial look. Extending the brow tail will make you look droopy and somewhat sad! I guess you don’t want that. Maintain that natural angle and don’t extend the brow tail.

  1. Sparse the spots

If you have been overplucking your brows in the past, all isn’t lost! There’s much that you can do to remedy the issue and still achieve a striking look. Your options include a henna treatment that can help mask the sparseness and fill the spots with some color. In this case, acquire the best eyebrow henna kit, and seek professional henna treatment services.

A brow powder may also help. You also need a quality angled brush to add some shape to your brows.

  1. A concealer works best.

Are you wondering whether to use a concealer or highlighter below your eyebrows? A highlighter will emphasize your aches, instead use a concealer with a lighter shade than your skin tone. It’ll brighten your brow area resulting in a more natural look.

The bottom line

If you have never tried brow henna, maybe this is the best time to do so. There are many dye shades in the market, and you’ll get the perfect match for your skin tone and hair type. But, only have it done by a professional, and enjoy that striking look.