4 Steps to take a batter care of your skin

Having a well-groomed skin every day is not an impossible mission, one of those reserved only for movie stars. Four very simple steps are the beauty secret accessible to anyone.

Taking care of your skin face doesn’t mean spending hours morning and night applying cream after cream and spending fortunes. There is a routine that is very easy to follow and that constitutes a true beauty ritual. So simple that everyone can replicate it daily at home.

It’s only made up of four steps, all of them basic and very quick, repeated morning and night. In total, at the end of the day we spend just over ten minutes of our time on these gestures that make (a lot) difference after a few years.

In fact, it’s when we reach the time when age is supposed to show itself on the face that we give thanks for the ritual that we perform almost without realizing it. And we realized that all the time spent taking care of the skin was not wasted time but invested.

4 steps: clean, tone, care and protect


Cleansing the skin, morning and night, is the first step towards achieving a well-groomed face. With cleaning, dead cells and impurities accumulated throughout the day resulting from sweat, sebum, make-up and even atmospheric pollution are removed. Clean skin better absorbs the active ingredients present in the products that are applied afterwards, making them more effective.

We recommend: It is important to choose gentle products suitable for each skin type. So to gently exfoliate your skin and clean you can use a silicone cleanser brush that gives the skin a gentle but deep exfoliation, which expertly removes 99.5% of dirt and oil from the skin while providing a pro prep for enhanced absorption of your favorite skincare.


The use of a tonic allows the complete removal of residues left by the cleaning product, helps to refresh the skin and restore its pH, leaving the pores less visible.

3 – CARE

After being cleansed and toned, the skin must be cared for and moisturized. Like the previous steps, this one should also be repeated morning and night. This stage can be subdivided, according to the needs of each one:

Special care – It is possible to increase the effect of the day/night cream using products that are called special care (serums or concentrates), intended for specific situations, for example, blemishes, wrinkles or dull skin. These products contain a higher concentration of active ingredients, boosting more effective and immediate results. Those who choose to integrate this step into their beauty routine should do it every day, before their day and night creams.

Hydration – The care ritual also includes the indispensable moisturizing cream, adapted to each skin type and age. There are day and night creams, as skin needs vary over the hours. For example, some day creams include sun protection factor while night creams are more nourishing in order to help the skin regenerate.

If these suggestions seem confusing, remember that the order of application of the products is ALWAYS as follows: serum/concentrate > eye cream > daily moisturizer.


Sun exposure is considered the main cause of premature aging of the skin, so adequate protection is essential. Several day creams already include a sun protection factor (SPF), usually SPF 15, but it is very possible that the skin needs greater protection, especially during the months when UV indexes are higher. Sunscreen should be applied after the day cream or as a substitute.