5 best summer wear tips for children

Dressing up your child for the summer is no mean feat – we make it easier with a simple guide.

It’s a long break from school and a time for play. Yet, the summer can be harsh on your child as it can make them sick and lethargic. It’s about dressing your child right this season so that they can be cool and comfortable even on the sunniest days.

Here’s a guide on picking summer wear for your child:

1 Less is more. The summer months are full of heat and strong sunlight, and your child is going to be out playing and having fun all day. But they can play as much as they want only when their clothing doesn’t make them hot and bothered. Pack away their winter clothing and whip out a good shopping app to buy new kids dresses and other items of clothing. A typical kid’s dress during this season is a light cotton frock, or a pair of shorts with a tank top. Pastel colours are best because they reflect the sunlight instead of absorbing it.

2 The right fabrics matter. Fabrics that trap sweat and make the skin clammy can make your child cranky. Pick kids’ dresses in light cotton, jute or khadi. Materials like polyester or georgette are fine, as long as they don’t cling to the body. If your child is enrolling for a summer sports camp, invest in Dri-Fit tees and shorts that wick away sweat and dry rapidly.

3 Sunscreen is important. Since your child is going to be out playing all day, their skin is vulnerable to prolonged periods of sun exposure. The UV rays cause tanning, itchy rashes and painful boils. Insist on cold water showers during the season, but ensure that your child slathers on sunscreen lotion before wearing their kids’ dress. Explain the importance of protecting the skin from the harmful sunlight and of wearing sunscreen lotion – buy a tube with SPF 30 or more.

4 Comfort is key, especially in footwear. Running, climbing trees, wading through shallow pools and hiding in shady corners – all of it is so much fun! But your child needs the right pair of shoes to support all the vigorous play time that they are in for. Buy sneakers with a good sole, or sandals with a sturdy strap for your child. Do not give in to pleas for heeled footwear – the bones in a child’s foot develop slowly till the age of 10 years, and heeled footwear can misalign the joints and tendons. Flat sports shoes are best for playtime, while you can buy a pair of kitten heels for your daughter when she wants to go party.

5 Hydration is important. All that playing in the strong sunlight is bound to make your child sweaty. Send them to play with a water bottle in tow – if they are prone to frequent dehydration, mix an electrolyte solution in the water before bottling it. You can buy a cute kids’ bottle online and insist on them carrying it wherever they go. When they are at home, give them fruit juice or buttermilk to keep their water levels up. Insist on them drinking as many fluids as possible, as also eating water-rich fruits like watermelon and pineapple.