How to Give Yourself a Manicure

Manicure at home could be as quality as manicure from salon master.

The world quarantine has demonstrated that it is possible to transform a lot of things into an online format. Popularity came to remote work, education, entertainment, treatment, sports, etc. Unfortunately, the beauty sphere has not become a transformational one.

It is impossible to make nails through the computer screen. Well, at least at the moment. So, while women worldwide are waiting for such manicure innovations, it is necessary to be ready for such surprises as quarantine.

During the pandemic, the fact that it is possible to make a great manicure at home by yourself has become a real discovery for a large number of women. All you need is a kit of special instruments. Just enter in the search bar a query like “manicure set buy online,” and you will receive a wide choice of options.

Manicure at Home Kit

In fact, a home manicure kit does not differ from a professional nails kit a lot. Usually, manicure masters have some additional automatic tools, but the standard package of manicure instruments is accessible for everyone. That is why the quality of the home procedure is equal to the one you receive at salons. Of course, this will be the case if you do everything correctly.

The increased popularity of a home manicure during the quarantine has led to the growth of a number of propositions on the market. Thus, today, there is a great choice of home manicure kits. Clients can choose the kit producer, price, design, and filling.

Though, if you have never used such manicure sets and are a little confused by a wide range of options, there is a standard package, which is optimal for a classic manicure. So, it is convenient to buy a home manicure kit, which includes:

  • nail clippers
  • nail buffer
  • emery board
  • nail file
  • cuticle pusher
  • nippers
  • nail-polish remover and cotton swabs or pads
  • callus and cuticle remover

Any kit with such components could be used for making a professional manicure.

There are also manicure sets that offer base coats, nail polish, clear top coats, and hand/nail moisturizers. However, such elements are considered additional and optional.

Read recommendations and reviews before the purchase to choose the best quality manicure sets.

How to Use Manicure Kit at Home

Of course, it is not enough to buy instruments. It is also important to know how to use them.

Fortunately, today, there are a lot of articles and video tutorials for those who do not know how to do nails at home and want to discover some secrets from manicure masters.

There is a simple instruction that would be perfect for beginners and appropriate for a classic home manicure set:

  1. Remove nail polish.
  2. Form nails with clippers and file.
  3. Moisturize nails in a warm water.
  4. Remove excess cuticle with pusher and clippers.
  5. Prepare nails for polish with swabs and pads.
  6. Paint nails.

The execution of these simple steps assures quality manicure. In addition, the whole process does not take a lot of time if you have already trained well.

Home manicure is a great alternative to the salon procedure. It allures clients with the possibility to save time and money.