How To Groom Your Beard Like A Pro

A beard is a defining masculine feature. Today, men are changing their beard color to suit their mood, class, theme, and all as they wish. It’s nowadays not a wonder to see a pink, yellow, or bleached beard among celebrities and your local barbershop.

You too can dye your beard as often as you change your jacket. The market has several dye colors to give your facial hair a rocking appeal. Men dye their facial hair for various reasons. Those who prefer to keep the woolly bush may notice their beard turning red as it continues growing out.

As one advances in age, the natural beard color starts changing. One may sight a few silver strands propping one and far between, to reflect your stage in life. At times, the beard may have a few grays and whites before the hair on the head.  You can dye your beard to conceal the strands, giving you an appealing new look. The beard also gets fuller and shaving your preferred style becomes easier for your barber.

Just before you get started on the anticipated transformation, it is critical to do first things first and the rest, right.


  • A dye is not a dye because of the name

The hair on the head is slightly different from what’s on your face. Consequently, the formulation of ingredients is dissimilar.  Do not buy any box before confirming that the content is made with the facial hair in mind.

Facial skin is more sensitive than the scalp. Interchanging the products may irritate the skin. Further, hair dyes are more opaque to make them easy to use at home. These qualities are, however, not ideal for the beard.

Secondly, facial hair is coarser than the one on the head. Thus, the hair dye should be stronger and more concentrated than beard dye. The balance between translucency and strength is an intricate combination in dye formulation.

  • Beard color

Beard dyes imitate natural colors because most men opt to change the hue to conceal the grays. Others dye the beard to even out their natural hue. It is critical to have an experienced barber dye the beard. Even an enthusiastic DIY can end up with blisters because many variables come into play.

  • The application process

Consulting a professional colorist at a salon near you can help you color the beard effortlessly. If you’re too anxious to have a stunning look and can’t wait to go to a proficient colorist, go ahead. Read the instructions keenly, gather all the tools needed, and get started.

First, try dying a small portion of the beard before dying everything. A patch test is always recommended when trying a new product for the first time. It helps to note how the skin reacts with the product. Should you note irritation, redness, or itchiness, wash the area and avoid using it on the rest of the beard.

Dying your beard can be as trendy as any male would want to look. When you decide to wear a dye for any reason, always ensure you have the best product. Buy your box of dye from leading hair colorist stores. They source their dyes from the best in the market.