Reasons To Consider Pinhole Technology

The climax of oral health deterioration is gum decay; the moment an infection affects your gum, several teeth problems comes along with it; for example the gum forms the base of your teeth, the moment it is affected, your teeth become shaky, the bones of the jaw decrease in density; eventually, all these culminate in tooth loss. You don’t want to wait till you lose all your teeth before you act right? So, you just have to act fast and quickly find a treatment that would prevent further deterioration of your gum.

In your search, you would come across several gum treatment alternatives; of all the options a gum treatment procedure- the Pinhole Surgical Technique – remains the perfect treatment for gum related infections; it’s a panacea to gum infections that have hitherto defiled cure. You would get the following benefits if you treat gum infections with this technique.

A Minimally Invasive Procedure

As much as you want oral issues resolved, you do not want to suffer periods of horrible pain; going through pains is almost inevitable with other gum treatment procedures but with the Pinhole Surgical Technique, your comfort is given utmost priority, so instead of going the way of surgical incisions, grafts or sutures, the pinhole surgical process just requires that the surgeon makes a small hole in the gum tissue using a needle; from this hole, other operations including loosening and expanding the gum line can be easily carried out.

No post-surgical pain

Compared to other gum treatment procedures, the short pain you may have to bear is so insignificant; under the Pinhole Surgical Technique, post-surgical pains are reduced to the barest minimum and recovery time is really fast.

Enhance Beauty

Fact is you don’t want your gum swollen or your gum line defaced after a corrective surgery; well, only the PST procedure may be able to guarantee this; other treatment procedures may leave you with scars and bulgy gums but with PST, you sure of maintaining the structure of your gum.

It Can Treat Multiple Teeth In One Visit

This is the most striking benefit PST offers; imagine correcting all that is there to correct in your gum in just a surgery session when you could have had to undergo several surgical sessions if had gone with other treatment procedures; all thanks to the multi-tasking surgical procedure of the PST; several areas in your mouth can be kept in focus, this enables the surgeon to once and for all resolve all gum and cavity issues you may have in your mouth.

Speedy Recovery

No other treatment procedure has a faster recovery time than the Pinhole Surgical Technique. The reason is not far-fetched; the PST enables the surgeon pick on the exact spot of the infection in your gum. With this, no need for incisions or grafts that take time to heal; some PST patients recover in as fast as 24 hours.

While other gum treatment procedures require that the surgeon makes incisions or sutures, a PST technique only requires that small pinholes are made with needles on patients’ gum; from this hole, gum tissues can be easily accessed and loosened to permit the gum line to expand and slide over the exposed root or bone of the gum.