Simple Ways to Naturally Exfoliate Your Skin at Home

“My biggest beauty tip would be exfoliation, exfoliation, exfoliation! After a lifetime of almost no breakouts, I learned that if you don’t exfoliate, your skin has a hard time shedding the old skin and therefore clogs your pores and causes zits.” – Amanda Crew, Canadian actress and beauty enthusiast.

The quote above defines the epitome of beauty as exfoliation. In essence, nothing you put on your skin is going to work unless you exfoliate. At Coco Soul, we want to help you unleash the powers of your skin care routine. So, let’s dig deeper into what this really means and how to exfoliate skin naturally.

Why do we need to exfoliate the skin?

Even when you don’t step out in the sun or expose your skin to environmental factors, your skin is still at the risk of damage. Over time, dead skin cells accumulate on the top layer of your skin, and this is what a lot of us refer to as dead skin. This can make your skin look dull, flaky, uneven with fine lines and wrinkles. To sum this up, you need to exfoliate your skin occasionally, to ensure the dead skin cells are removed. After all, a healthy and glowing look is just what you need to feel revived, refreshed and renewed with confidence.

What is exfoliation and how does it help?

Every month, your skin sheds dead skin cells and new skin cells form the top layer of your skin. If these dead skin cells don’t shed naturally, it leads to damaged skin. Dull, dry, and flaky patches on your skin are what describe the feel and touch of this effect. Think of it as a skin timer, which calls for a cell renewal factor every 30 days on its own. As we age, our skin does not regenerate this process in time, leaving us with dead skin that needs to be removed.

Exfoliation is the process that helps the dead skin cells shed faster, keeping your skin silky soft and smooth. Not only does it rid your body and face of dead skin, but exfoliation also improves the effectiveness of your overall skin care routine with the ultimate result of healthy, glowing skin.

Simple ways to naturally exfoliate your skin at home

If you want resilient, radiant, fresh, smooth, and glowing skin, that’s where natural exfoliation comes in. Choosing to exfoliate your skin at home is extremely easy if you do it the right way with the right ingredients. We’ve rounded this up for you so you can try a DIY exfoliation for your skin in the comfort of your home.

  • Sugar: A source of glycolic acid, which enforces new cell production, sugar is used to retexture your skin to make it smoother. It is combined with ingredients like olive, honey, and tomato. If you have sensitive skin, skip the tomato. If you have dry skin, stick to honey and sugar only.

Exfoliation use: Mix oil and sugar in 2:1 proportion. Mix well and apply on a cleansed face. Use a circular motion to massage the skin for a couple of minutes before washing with lukewarm water.

  • Coconut: This staple in our kitchens is known for its Ayurvedic benefits for thousands of years. If you’re going all-natural, go for extra virgin coconut oil from Coco Soul, which is 100% pure and vegan, freshly harvested in India and manufactured in a meticulous no-heat process. Giving your skin a burst of hydration, it smoothes it to give you baby soft, fully moisturised skin.

Exfoliation use: Take a dime-sized amount of the coconut oil, rub it into your palms and then carefully apply it all over your face. Then, take a wet washcloth and scrub your face in a circular motion to let the oil seep into your skin.

  • Honey: This sweet syrup is a soothing anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial healer for your skin. It gently removes germs and hydrates your skin, while exfoliating it.

Exfoliation use: Mix 1 tbsp of honey with lemon zest or orange – add a pinch of turmeric for best results. Apply it on a clean face, leave it on for a minute and then wash it off with warm water.

  • Yoghurt: This ingredient is a mild cleanser for your skin. It has lactic acid, vitamin D, and probiotics which benefit skin health. It evens out your skin tone and gives you a smoother texture.

Exfoliation use: Apply it directly and leave it for 20 minutes then rinse it off.

  • Papaya: This fruit contains papain which is an enzyme that dissolves dead skin cells. It is nature’s gift to our skin with its healing properties, making it an ideal natural exfoliant.

Exfoliation use: Mix one tablespoon of papaya with two tablespoons of its seeds which should be crushed and one tablespoon of olive oil. Gently scrub your face within one minute and then, wash it off.


Ready to give natural exfoliation a try? By following the above steps, you are one step closer to adding it to your skin care routine, because you will love it THAT much! Be sure to exfoliate your skin a few times a week to achieve the benefits of this important skin care step. The result is a glowing, radiant and healthy you all year round.