What Is A VVS Diamond?

If you’re looking at buying an engagement ring for that special somebody, you need to do your research before buying. When you go to a jeweler, you’ll more than likely hear the phrase ‘VVS Diamond’. But what does that mean?

‘VVS’ stands for very very slightly included. This essentially means that these diamonds have very small inclusions, or imperfections, that can’t be seen by the human eye. The inclusions are so small that they can barely be seen with 10x magnification. Because these diamonds are visually perfect, they’re more expensive diamonds. VVS diamonds are split into subcategories, VVS1 and VVS2. VVS1 diamonds have inclusions closer to the edge of the stone, making them more difficult to spot from a face-up view, which means VVS1 diamonds are classed as slightly higher clarity than VVS2, which has inclusions towards the centre, slightly easier to spot with magnification.

There’s a clarity grading scale for diamonds, and VVS diamonds are very high up on that scale, making them some of the most valuable diamonds on the market. One of the advantages of VVS diamonds is that although to the human eye they look the same as a completely flawless diamond, they are priced much lower. Because flawless diamonds are so rare, it’s not only incredibly expensive but also incredibly difficult to find one that is the carat, cut and colour that you’re looking for. Because VVS diamonds are more common than flawless diamonds, they’re a lower price for a visually perfect diamond.

When it comes to picking the perfect diamond for your ring, there are a few things you may want to consider. Although VVS1 diamonds are ranked higher than VVS2 diamonds, to the human eye they look the same, so if you’re looking for a flawless diamond then the VVS2 diamond is cheaper but with the same visual effect. You also need to think about the four C’s of diamonds; cut, clarity, carat and colour. All of these will have an impact on your final decision. You may go into the jewelers and already know that you want a VVS diamond, however you may find when you arrive that the cut and colour that you desire is more suitable for a different diamond; a VS diamond, for example, which is slightly lower clarity than the VVS diamonds but still usually as perfectly visual to the human eye. The VS diamond, very slightly included, is just below VVS diamonds on the clarity scale but is still fairly high.

The price of VVS diamonds ranges depending on the carat, colour and the cut. This 0.502 FVVSA1 a cut above hearts and arrows diamond, priced at $2,432, is a VVS1 diamond with a colour grade of F, which is almost colourless. The colour-grading scale begins at D, which is colorless and continues to Z, diamonds that are a light yellow or brown.

A VVS diamond is as close as you’ll come to a flawless diamond for a much lower price. For more information on VVS diamonds, visit https://www.whiteflash.com/about-diamonds/diamond-education/vvs-diamonds-1600.htm.